Episode 6: An Evaluation of Education with James Altucher


In this episode I am joined by James Altucher. We discuss entrepreneurship, choosing yourself, James’ story studying CS, cats, the value of education, and HBO.


In Office Hours I am joined by Sebastian Hanula from Thingr. Thingr is a website that allows users to share and collaborate. He wrote in inquiring about what are the most important features he needs. 


Check out James Altucher's podcasts (The James Altucher Show and Ask Altucher) as well as Charlie Chaplin's tremendous speech in The Great Dictator.


Check out the latest episode of Small Empires with Wattpad.


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This episode is brought to you by Tech Hungry. They are an organization that target rural areas of countries in Central America, Africa and Asia where kids are not underexposed to technology. They supply schools with microscopes, anatomy models, computers, physics kits, solar kits and more. They are an entirely volunteer run organization and need your help. Go to techhungry.org and find where you can volunteer, help their social media campaigns, contribute items for donation or even donate some money to help them make the world suck less.


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