Episode 4: A Separation of Art and Industry with Erik Martin (Former GM of reddit) and Dr. Sabriya Stukes


In this episode I am joined by Erik Martin (Former GM of reddit) & Dr. Sabriya Stukes. We discuss Erik’s academic upbringing, Noodle & Spark, growing up in an entrepreneurial household, Tulane mascots, Erik’s advice to new entrepreneurs, his time at Palm Pictures, Ondi Timoner’s Total Disruption piece on reddit, Erik’s thoughts on what the film industry missed out on, Time 100, A Separation, and Erik’s advice for companies who want to engage with communities.


In Office Hours I am joined by Jason Ganz from Agora VR. Agora is VR webinar service and Jason wrote in wanting to know if Alexis thinks it is too early to enter VR.


Also as promised, here is a video of a pelican swallowing a pigeon whole. 


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